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Massage and Arnica for back pain management:

We are a supplier of the herbal supplement arnica, and it is one of our more popular products. Here is some information about its origins and use:
There has been a lot of talk about essential oils, massage, and pain management, and that makes sense. Prescription drugs can be habit-forming and dangerous, and may not be available to everyone without access to doctors. An alternative to consider is homeopathic medicine, especially when combined with massage techniques. Many of these natural compounds have been in use for generations or even centuries, and arnica is a good example of a popular used for pain management. Arnica  can come in various forms, from tablets, gel-type forms, tinctures and sometimes via ointments. Mouth rinses are becoming more common as well.

Arnica is derived from the Arnica montana plant, a flower that looks an orange/ yellow color that is found which grows on the mountains of Siberia and Europe. Ointment and creams are produced from the flower head and are used to treat the problems described above.

  • Homeopathic arnica can help treat insect bites and stings, especially those that may lead to intense bruising and soreness.
  • Arnica can also be used to relieve stiffness from flying or long-distance driving.
  • Arnica can be used in situations where the person has never felt well since a physical over-exertion.

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